What is the use of a Peelable Laminated Shim?

Any mechanical assembly requires machining tolerances. In a complex assembly of several hundred or thousand parts the tolerances of each part are added up. This is why "clearances" of several millimeters are found once the assembley is completed.

These clearances have to be compensated in order for the assembly to fulfil its function.

The Lameco Solution: Peelable Laminated Shims

To compensate assembly clearances, Lameco offers a new solution, definitely technology-oriented: the peelable laminated shim. Principle: It is designed from metals or composites which have the property of "peeling" in the thickness direction into thin strips of a few hundredth millimeters.

What are the advantages of peelable laminated shim?

Time saving, Unquestionable improvement of precision, saving of a grinding machine, all these elements account for the peelable laminated shim excellent quality/price ratio.

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